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Whether you are beginning to rear locks or have had them for the years, one thing that remains constant is the need for dreadlock maintenance. This is not always as easy as it looks. In fact many people do it the long way. This article is aimed at helping people to help them take care of their locks.


There is no doubt that for your locks to look neat and sexy, they have to be cleaned regularly. You should not just wash them the normal way you wash the hair. The first thing you need to do is to get the right chemicals for washing the hair. The conditioners and shampoos are the ones we use for cleaning the dreads. Select only the best of them for dreadlock maintenance. The shampoo, for instance, should be natural and lather easily .This way, it will reach the root of the dreads, removing the debris, dirt and accumulation of other unwanted matter on the scalp.

How will you know that the dreads are not well taken care of? The first thing that you will realize is that the dreads smell. It is not because they are not washed; rather, it is because the dread was not dried properly. This is bringing us to the issue of rinsing and drying.

After thoroughly washing the locks, they should be rinsed well so that no wetness or dampness is left inside the dreads. When this happens, the dreads start to produce awful smell. Many people with the dreads fail on this aspect of dreadlock maintenance by not wiping the dreads dry.

Dab the individual dreads with a towel to ensure that all the water is absorbed. Once you have removed as much as wetness as possible, allow the dreads to air. These two will help to remove the bad smell coming from the dreads.

The poor maintenance will also be evidenced by the presence of mould on the dreads. Once you see the white mould on the hair, it is a tell tale sign that all is not well in as far as dreadlock maintenance s concerned.

Harsh chemicals

Do you get irritated in the scalp? This is possible, owing to the fact that you use the wrong the shampoos and conditioners. As a result of this, the root of the dreads is affected and the end result is that your dreads will look unkempt as your hands are always inside the dreads as your fight the itch.

Trimming the dreads

The dreads should not be allowed to grow wildly. Once they have attained a certain size, you should check in at your stylist so that they can be trimmed to shape. The stylist will not only wash them, they will trim them to size.


The aspect of styling the dreads starts with plaiting the dreads. Let an expert do this for you so that you could look good always.

In conclusion, it is important that you maintain your dreads so that they can look good for a long time.

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