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Cool dread styles for men

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If you are a man who is looking for versatility in terms of looks? The dread styles for men are a good start for you. You can choose to be imaginative or simply go for the complex patterns in the market. The first one that you can consider is the one where the locks are twisted into a complex patterns .It is one of the dread styles for men that you will find too cool to resist.


We all agree that men look cool in cornrows and especially if they are professionally done. To make them spectacular, you will only need to combine them with dreadlocks. It is an outstanding style that you will just love and what is more, it is shouting and you can easily notice it from far.

Taper fade style

Talking of dread styles for men, you will find that the taper fade can draw a lot of attention to you by simply adding a side taper that is faded .You will not believe how stunning it will look on you as a guy until you spot the look.

Wavy and cool

Has it occurred to you that you can add volume to your hair by simply turning your dreads into some form of wavy locks? They will look heavy but more importantly; they will be different from the normal locks.

Keep them long

Gone are the days when guys would only spot the short locks. The long is the new short and those who spot them correctly will admit to you that they are cool. The advantage that the long ones have over the short ones is the fact that you can turn them into virtually anything that you like: updo, buns, half do…anything that is cool and trendy.

Going trendy

Talking of trendy, you will find that the locks which are twisted can be turned into many styles. Dreads which are hygienically maintained can go into any style and you will like the fact they remain trendy among all men. You simply choose the one that goes with the size, colour, texture and condition of your hair. If you are tired of a particular style, you will only need to change the style and take another without ceasing to trendy.

Go Bohemian

There is no style which is as ‘hip’ as Bohemian. Most guys are well aware of this, owing to the fact that is style is not limited to a culture or demographic trends. They cross over from one colure to the next.

Get twisted

After dyeing your hair, you can twist it to some highlighted look. The idea is to crisscross your locks for that cool, creative and head –turning appearance.

Pony tail

Did you know that you can actually tie your locks into a pony and still look cool? They are simply tied to the back and without even accessorizing them; you will still afford one of the best dread styles for men.
Lastly, go exquisite with stunning dreads which are short but easy to maintain.

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