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Daring dreadlocks hairstyles for women

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The dreadlocks hairstyles for women have ceased to be as informal as they used to be way back. They have become bold and exquisite at the very least. It basically means that you can spot a more acceptable look as long as you have done things the right way. If you need some inspiration on how to go about it, the following should top your list:

Half locks and buns

Commonly referred to as half and half, this is one of those styles which you will need to personalize the dreads are first wrapped them using the coli threads or separate them. You can accessorise the hair by just adding them at the edges. The final look will be 3 buses which will technically add a dressy up do like no other.

The lattice crown

It may sound like a very foreign concept but you will appreciate the fact that this is an evolutionary style that entails the use of frizzies at your neck. The long locks will be made into a kind of lattice. The messy bun will go up and you will be left with the option of wearing it where you want to the drama queen.

The red dreads

When it comes to the dreadlocks hairstyles, the red dreads tend to be taken as though they are for the elderly women. This is a misconception because you only need to go rid of the unkempt look and instead, work towards the elegant. The hair is pinned up at the back and comprises of a thin, sleeky curve running all the way to the nape of your neck. It is time to shed off the grandmother’s tag by spotting this elegant and stylish look.

Keeping the hair asymmetrical is not easy and especially if you don’t have the wild attitude to do it. The highlights of this style are the crown and long dreads. To add cuteness to the long dreads, you will add some feathers somewhere at the top.

Colouring the dreads

When it comes to rocking the dreadlocks hairstyles, one thing that you will appreciate is that you can always spot that funky look by adding colour to the locks .There are twists and various additions which can be made to the hair. You can also include the knots and inject any kind of ingenuity to give that unique look.

The dreadlock that we call the Fleur De Lies is one of the hottest dreadlocks hairstyles that you can give a try if you want to create loops. The beauty of these loops is that they will offer you the advantage of height, texture and to some extent, the depth. Not only that, you can dress this look with anything and more so, if you are dark skinned.

The red half dreads is unmistakable .The light skinned girls know how to rock this style. It basically involves the use of half dreads and pulling the scattered hairs into a pony hairdo .have the curls in the right place.

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