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Dreadlock hairstyles for short hair

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If you have an inherently short hair, you will be surprised to learn that there are things that you can do to make head-turning dreadlock hairstyles. Try the following are the enviable short loc styles that you can lock and get away with it.

The basket weave style is the first that you can give a try. It entails interlocking the hair using a latch –hook and resisting it so that it brings out the best out of the slick parts. With a pinned look, you will not have to touch your hair again till the week is over. You will also not need to change the style for some time.

The short retro up do is the way to go for women with short locks. You will love it as it is one of those dreadlock hairstyles that are easy and quick. If you are the kind of people who don’t like spending hours on end working on the hair, this is one of the easiest dreadlock hairstyles t you can rock anytime.

The lock petals

The short-haired women will take comfort in the sense that you can take up the lock petals and own them for your hair.However,please note that you should have fully formed locks before you try it out; otherwise this style might prove too much for your hair.

Cornrow locks

Have you tried the cornrow locks with your short hair? If not, this style will perfectly suit your circumstances .There are two ways in which you can approach this style. The first one is that you can choose to flat twist the hair and you look just finding. The other one is simply to roll it. Either way, you will be pleased by the end result.


The short hair lock is one look that you can pose if you like bangs. You reckon that the formation of the locks is a very delicate process and in most cases, you would be advised to limit disruption by going the bangs way. This is one style that you will enjoy rocking and especially it does little to unravel your developing locks.

The roll style

If you really want your locks to become thicker by the day, you may consider the roll style as one of the dreadlock hairstyles for women with short hair. It is not only simple, it is easy to make and you will end up with the chic look that you have always wanted to sport.

Side up do

Are you wondering what you are going to do with your short locks? The side up do is the way to go for you. Unlike the others, you might need to do it a little bit earlier before you set out because the process will take longer.However, this does not remove the fact that it is as simple and easy process.

The above are examples of the dreadlock hairstyles that you can lock regardless of the length of your hair.

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