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Dreadlock styles for men

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If you are a man who has been rearing locks for years or wants to try it, there are many dreadlock styles that you should consider for that cool look. You can begin your journey to beautiful locks using any of the following:

Colour lock

Have you seen how cool the coloured locks are? Well, you can try it this one out using the under shave. For this look, you will just have your stylist add some colour to some of them before proceeding to cut the hair at the nape. To finish up the look, simply have the knot added at the very top of the head.

The chic look

If you want to spot that chic look, you will only need the half up ,half down classic look, it is easy does it; the half bun or the messy pony will be all yours . The only trick is for you to avoid overdoing things, whether you want to make it neat or just half pony.

You may have heard about the dreadlock styles like Bohemian Rhapsody. This style is distinct in its texture and consistency. You will love this style that transcends demographic and cultures and various hairstyles. It thus combines both the straight and the dreads.

Neat and skinny

You will find that there is one of the dreadlock styles which make use of the dimensions of the dreads. Basically speaking, you will have to choose either the thick or the thin ones. The thinner ones are commonly preferred to the thick ones because the former ones are easier to maintain. To complete that neat, skinny look, have a connecting beard although it doesn’t have to be there.

Mohawk with the dreads

A bold look can be achieved by combining the Mohawk with dreads. To make it bold, you will need to fade the sides till they are bald and then have a neat Mohawk sitting pretty atop the head. You will be impressed by the bold statement that you will pass with this stylish look.


The classic look on men can easily be achieved by simply allowing them to fall loosely but at least allow the middle part to be a little bit subtle. Since the hair is thick, you will not require the any frills on. The hair will tend to be curly, but this will only serve to add credence to your classy look, not ruin them.

Twisted look

Imagine having a blend of the fade haircut and the cornucopian look. Apart from making it messy, you will have the freehand to twist it for that flavoured look.


One of the best dreadlock styles that you can spot is the fauxhawk. Simply put, this is a style whereby you do not up heave the whole hair. It cannot be done at home due to the difficulty. The colour and creativity that goes into it is the work of a professional stylist.

The fire flame look summarizes our top best styles .You will shave sides and then add colour at the top.

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