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Hairstyles for dreads for black guys

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If you are a black guy, you could easily pass for a hot dude with hairstyles for dreads. There are various styles that you can try and look good all the way. The following is a list of the dreads which have been treated with apricot castor oil.

Serious and sexy

This is the kind of look that enables you to combine seriousness with sexiness. The dreads are long and allowed to hang on the sides while the rest hang at the back without tying them to pony.

Ponytail with a bears

For black guys who love to spot a ponytail and match it with a beard, this is one of the best hairstyles for dreads that you can give a try. If you are heavily bearded, simply trim them and then hold all the dreads at the back. Boy, you will rock!

Look at this daddy!

This is the kind of style where all the dreads are reared wild and then allowed to fall loose on the shoulder like a lion’s mane. If you are the kind of guys who like long dreads, this is the style to go for.

Sexy, manly up do

Would you dare to keep things flat out and manly? Well for the best hairstyles for dreads, the guy simply decides to go flat out by holding the dreads at the crown with an up do finish. This is the style that keeps the dreads away from the front and the back. The focus thus goes to the crown. The dreads are braided at the front and then push it to the middle of the head. There is no denying the fact that you will look sexy in the style.


There is such a thin as uniqueness in the style for sure. The dreads are pinned on the on one side at the crown while allowing the beards to grow. You can also accessorize the dreads by adding some colour at the tips of the dreads.

Dirty blonde

Well, do not mistake this to mean that the dreads are unkempt in that sense. Rather, this is one of the coolest hairstyles for dreads you can spot if you like locks which flow to the shoulders. To spot this dirty blonde look, the dreads are added some fade colour as they move away from the head. Many black guys like this look and for sure, it is great to keep the contrast the natural black and the dyed effect.


The Rastafarian locks are reminiscent of the black liberation movements and mostly associated with black icons like Bob Marley. In this style, the locks are allowed to grow thick and then flow freely .These thick locks really look cool and especially if they are kept dark and clean.

Short styles

Who said that the locks have to be long to be flashy? The short freestyle locks are for men who know what they are looking for.

Lastly, why not try the straight up groomed and the healthy?

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