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Homemade dry shampoo for dreads

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Imagine making a shampoo that degreases your hair without having to wash it. There are natural ones, but this does not mean that you cannot make dry shampoo for dreads at home. Many people do not understand the use of a dry shampoo .The true use of this kind of shampoo is to absorb the excessive oil and grease that is found in your dreads. It works so well that once you apply, the next thing is that you will only need to comb it .Too busy to wash your hair? No problem, just use the dry shampoo for dreads and you will be good to go.

Commercial vs. Natural

The only problem that exists is the fact that the commercialization of the shampoos has led to the emergence of fake shampoos which do not remove the oil on the dreads. Instead of removing the oil, the chemical in the shampoos causes the scalp to go into an overdrive. The end result is that you are left with more oil to grapple with.
Those who use the commercial shampoos are always washing their dreads so that their heads do not turn into a ball of grease. Unfortunately, this is self inflicted as many people who buy the dry shampoo for dread are not keen to see the chemicals which make up the shampoo.

The natural ones

The very day that you will stop using the commercial shampoos, your hair will un-train the hair from producing the excess oil. You will notice the changes in a matter of days. This is going to be a transition but you will just love the fact that your dread locks will be weaned off the harmful chemicals from the commercial shampoos.

Besides saving the cost on buying the expensive shampoos, the dry shampoo for dreads which are homemade will offer you all the advantages. To begin with, you will say bye to the nasty chemicals which have been causing havoc to your dreads.

What do you need?

Now that you have decided to quit the commercial ones for the local ones, you will need to get accustomed to the substances which are starchy but which will absorb all the oil in the locks. You can opt for the powder from the arrow root all even the tapioca. The latter would be preferred to the former.

The powder on its own could change the appearance of the dreads and especially if your hair is the dark type. You will prefer adding something like the cocoa powder to reduce the gray appearance.

The concoction that is homemade and replacing the expensive dry shampoo for dreads is then applied on the dreads, ensuring that it penetrates the roots. Only a handful will be need to be slapped on the hair and smeared gently before heading to the sink. After washing, you will realize that much of the oil will come out of the hair for a pleasant, non-greasy look.

Choose to be different by going local. The solution to greasy hair is at hand.

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