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How to wash dreads using shampoo

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One thing we commonly hear about people is that they tend to be dirty and look unkempt. If you must rear them, you should know how to wash dreads. There are various ways in which you can wash them. They include the following:

Use of shampoo

The first method is shampooing the dreadlocks. They are first made them wet by allowing water to flow through them. Make sure that they do not absorb so much water as this could prevent your dreads from absorbing the shampoo. The water needs not be too hot; simply warm water will do the trick.

The next step on how to wash dreads is to squeeze a little amount of the shampoo in your palm. It is easier this way because you will be able to know how much you are going to apply in the   dreadlocks. If you are using a shampoo bar, rub it in your hands until it lathers enough in your hands for use.

The best choice of shampoos is those which do not leave behind residue. In order to soften them, go for the ones that are natural and organic.

When working with the lather of the shampoo, pay closer attention to the roots of the dreads .if you don’t care for the roots, they will not be strong or as healthy as you would expect.


The rinsing part is very important when using the shampoo. It is not rinsed off immediately after working it through the dreads .Instead; it should be allowed to settle in the hair for about 2 minutes before washing it. Then start rinsing by allowing water to run down the dreads as you lean forward. As the water runs down, squeeze the water so that the lather gets inside the dreads. This way, there will be no residue of the shampoo which will be left inside the dreads.

There are some cases when you may decide to apply the shampoo to individual locals as opposed to all of them at once. To prevent your dreads from becoming frizzy, simply ensure that you do not apply too much on each dreadlock.

 The last step when it comes to how to wash dreads is to dry them after washing them. When drying you dreads after shampooing, always remember that to do it thoroughly such that you do not leave behind ay water. A towel is preferred as you will be able to dry the water from each individual dreadlock. Once all the water has been squeezed out, you can air dry them and if need be a dryer could be used.

Three things will happen to your dreads if there is dampness left after drying i.e.:

  • Smelling of the dreads
  • The dreads start to unlock
  • Mold will appear on them.

The above three are a constant reminder that washing of the dreads is not all that takes. You must know how to rinse and most importantly, dry them so that they look clean and healthy.

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